Kommer ihåg när jag såg den här första gången; så mycket bättre i denna kortfilm än i mycket av det som Hollywood spyr ut på ett år.


Self-financing viral shorts to attract studio attention worked for Mortal Kombat‘s Kevin Tancharoen and Y The Last Man‘s Dan Trachtenberg. Now it’s stunt-veteran-turned-director Jesse V. Johnson’s turn. The helmer behind Anchor Bay‘s The Package and the recently announcedKill ‘Em All, John (both vehicles for former wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin) put together $3500 and called in a lot of favors to make a “fan film” to demonstrate his chops beyond direct-to-video action fare. He cast Danish singer Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman and got Peter Stormare and Sons Of Anarchy‘s Timothy V. Murphy to play oily Nazis. The resulting video, produced by Hugh Daly and Faz Brahimi and aided by Johnson’s Station 3 manager and producing partner Kailey Marsh, made its way through the fanboy set after debuting today. That audience has been clamoring for Hollywood to figure out how to bring the DC…

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